How We Deal With Your Family & Divorce Case?

Many people will be interested to know (or at least you should know) how we, in Shang & Co. deal with your family & divorce matters.  Handling family and divorce matters must be done with proper care, BUT that is not enough. I always believe that family and divorce matters shall be dealt differently with other legal aspects as family and divorce matters are personal and sensitive issues.

Dealing with family and divorce matters, needs more than being professional. At this point of time, I believe my client is not only expecting my professionalism but my empathy and understanding of their situation. 

That is why I and my team are very attached with our clients throughout their divorce (that includes prior commencement of a divorce proceeding). 

Our clients often keep in touch with me regularly via Face-to-face-talk (nope, no additional charges) Whatsapp and Wechat, sending texts and images, asking me questions; “what I should do”, “what is the consequence of such…such...such”. I DO NOT find this annoying, not at all! In fact, if a client did not keep in touch with me regularly, I often remind them to do so. 

Many would think that it is unprofessional for one lawyer to stay close with their client. I would take the opposite stand. Family & divorce matters are very personal and sensitive, as such, without creating close bond with your clients, you would not know what they actually need, the agendas that took place, and the situation that they have been through. These are few of the important aspects that I appreciate in dealing with my client’s divorce and family matters.

Below are the common procedures that we, in Shang & Co., go through in dealing professionally with our client’s family and divorce matters as follow:-

1. We listen to your problem;

2. We ask what you want;

3. We tell you what you need;

4. We assess your income and expenses;

5. We assess your spouse and your income and expenses;

6. We assess your children needs;

7. We assess and evaluate your spouse and your financial capability;

8. We track and trace your spouse assets (if necessary);

9. We talk to you from time to time (at least once a month, without additional charges);

10. We then only draft Petition or other cause papers.

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