Are you Getting Your Visitation Rights?

This question concerns the other parent whom does not have the custody of the children. It's rather sad to see that a non-custodial parent is only allow to visit the children when he/she is allowed by the custodial parent. However many non-custodial parent do not foresee this situation before entering into any consented Decree Nisi, whether through Joint Petition or Single Petition. As such, I always remind my clients on such visitation rights. I require them to give good and deep thoughts as to when they would want to see the children and I will have such situations note down.

REASONABLE ACCESS I am certainly not comfortable with the word 'reasonable access'. What is reasaonable access? How much access is deemed reasonable? In the end of the day, it is all up to the custodial parent to decide. The word 'reasonable' is just too vague and should be avoid at all cost.

YOUR ACCESS IS UNREASONABLE? If you are the non-custodial parent exercising 'reasonable access', there might be times, if not most of the times, whereby you are not allow to visit your children as your visitation is 'unreasonable', either the children's swimming classes fall on Saturday, or that you are told they have their extra classes during the weekend. And so, you are asked to exercise it next 'time'. 

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